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Below you can see the finished painting. Taking several months to complete and measuring 60 inch x 60 inch it is still the largest I have painted to date. Watered down Acrylic paint in thin layers created a smooth finish. Textured areas were applied with a dry brush. I wanted the scene to feel cold and haunting so I painted a limited amount of muted colour onto a black background.

There are many different themes and references in the painting that I have touched on in this feature. I have also labeled a small blueprint that gives more insight. 

Internal Fears of Procreation Acrylic on Canvas Painting

Internal Fears of Procreation - Acrylic on Canvas - 60 inch x 60 inch

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Internal Fears of Procreation is now available. Click Here.


As a young man I had my fair share of difficulties with mental health. I struggled for a long time before eventually making the conscious decision to work out the problems for myself. I learnt a lot. Since then I have always been interested in the human psyche, how it affects life and vice versa. Inspired by the work of H.R.Giger I began sketching organic and mechanical shapes, I was also interested in x-rays and fossils. I liked to experiment a draw spontaneously in black and white.    


Above is a sketch of the Female Reproductive system. The human body is fascinating but it is also hidden from view and alien to most of us. The design for "Internal Fears of Procreation" was based around this image. The aim was to create a futuristic machine with a combination of frightful elements to illustrate  anxiety and fear.    



"Internal Fears of Procreation"

The creation of life is fascinating and welcoming a new child into the world is a life changing event. However the decision to have children is complex and their are many different aspects to consider. 


Taking part in a conversation about the fear of childbirth brought about concerns of the physical complications a woman could suffer. I was interested in how the human psyche and the world we live in might also effect our views.In 2012 I began researching and experimenting with surrealism and used this subject to paint "Internal Fears of Procreation".

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